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Stembiotic Communities Inc.

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STEMbiotic Communities Inc.

Closing the Gap Across the USA One Local Community At A Time!

  1. Communicating “YOU TOO” to At-Risk Youth & Girls 
  2. Establishing Partnerships with STEM Education & Job Preparation Programs
  3. Connecting At-Risk Youth & Girls to STEM Programs

The need for STEM literacy for all (Full Podcast)

About The Need For Stem Literacy For All (Short Excerpts)

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The Power of Partnership

The name “STEMbiotic” describes the power of symbiotic relationships between STEMbiotic community centers and the local communities and youth they serve. Working together, each STEMbiotic community center, its community and at-risk youth served, all thrive over time. Through a unique symbiotic operating model, urban and rural STEMbiotic community centers in the United States and eventually abroad, will connect local youth to local STEM opportunities, and also provide critical cross-cultural learning and peer networking opportunities for young people, enabling them to breakdown barriers and learn together.

A Founder's Passion

Surviving is simply not enough!  Each young person must have the opportunity to “thrive” meaning they prosper, contribute to society, feel happy, develop themselves, become role models as well as help others to develop. I believe that by exposing young people to STEM, arts, and humanities,  we are creating an opportunity for them to participate in the workforce of the future and establish a compelling life legacy! 

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