Jeremy Cross Fellows Program

A note from our founder

“365” Mission and the Immediate Opportunity:

I have started the “365” Mission and want you to join me. One dollar a day for the entire year (i.e., 365 days) is the ask. Each year I envision providing “life-changing” exposure opportunities to young people in our country that would likely never obtain such opportunities. This year, together, contributing $365, we can enable an additional student to participate in the CISV program this summer in KANSAI, JAPAN – from July 30 thru August 26, 2023.

I have spoken with the Head of School at the Washington School for Girls, an elementary and middle school for girls living in Ward 8/Southeast Washington, DC – an economically challenged community. For one 11-year-old girl to participate in the summer village, the entire cost will be $4500-$5000 (see budget below). How can I be so sure of the program’s IMPACT on a child? Well, I know first-hand because I was a young person who was blessed to participate in a CISV program. During my CISV experience, I learned the importance of communication and interpersonal skills, respecting others, trusting myself, critical thinking, resilience, and many other life skills.

Jeremy Cross Fellows: To honor a young man active in CISV who was tragically killed in 2019 in the US during his senior year in college, we have named underserved youth we sponsor, “Jeremy Cross Fellows.” Together, we can fulfill our first “365” Mission, sending a young girl from Ward 8 to Japan this summer. I ask that you consider joining me in contributing $365.00.

I formed (and received IRS approval for) a 501c(3), STEMbiotic Communities Inc., so all contributions are considered tax-free charitable donations.  STEMbiotic Communities Inc. also focuses on providing youth (11 – 21 years of age) awareness and exposure to the importance and far-reaching applicability of “STEM” (science-technology-engineering-math) and life skills – with an emphasis on reaching underserved youth and girls.

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Thanks for your consideration and support! 


Budget for 1 Young Person's Participation in CISV Summer International Program

Budget Jeremy Cross